• Marc Schoonderbeek
    Coordinator of research group: AP-3. Borders & Territories
    Participant in research group: AP-3. Borders & Territories
    +31 (0)6 3925 0929
    Room: 01.Oost.430

    Marc Schoonderbeek is the coordinator of the research group BC&T. He received his doctorate in architecture from TU Delft in 2015. After graduating from TU Eindhoven, he has practiced architecture in the Netherlands, Germany and Israel. In 1998, he and his partner Pnina Avidar founded 12PM-Architecture in Amsterdam. The work of 12PM combines the rationality of a theoretical position with vivid architectural imagination through mapping and tracing of the hidden layers that underlie each project. He is also an editor of "Footprint," lectures at a regular basis at several architecture institutes, and is a regular contributor to architectural magazines. In January 2004, he co-founded 66EAST Centre for Urban Culture in Amsterdam and published in 2008 Houses in Transformation: Interventions in European Gentrification together with J.J. Berg, Tahl Kaminer, and J. Zonneveld.

    • Schoonderbeek