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Research Output


Your best option to view the latest publications by the Department of Architecture is the ‘publications’ sections of the chairs. In addition, use the links provided by 100% RESEARCH to download –where available- full entries from the library. 

Reference lists for publishing
The Department of Architecture has the ambition to publish in top-rank journals. To orientate yourself on those journals that are relevant to the field of architecture and the built environment, check this overview

Complementary lists:
-CWTS compiles each year a list of high quality scientific journals based on the impact in their fields. The document carries copyright and can be viewed by TU staff only after login.
-The peerlist (Peerlijst) is a TU Delft list of peer-reviewed magazines in addition to the CWTS-list.
-Both out of the CWTS-list and the 'peerlist' has been a selection crafted for the faculty, combined in one list.

Evaluating research in context
The Department of Architecture has a strong reputation and a unique international position in design-related research (plan analysis, project analysis, method and approach analysis). This has resulted in a strong history of exhibitions in the field of design typology and analysis. This kind of work is only now being understood as systematic research that appeals to scientific expertise, and has been included in the ERIC (Evaluating Research in Context) Project, initiated by the NWO and the KNAW.

Validation & registration
The TU Delft is developing new tools and methods to allocated the internal TU Delft funding, based on the quality and quantity of scientific output.
METIS is the system in which the scientific output of TU Delft Faculty of Architecture staff is registered.

The department has both a Dutch and English form available for insertion of output in METIS.