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Peer Review Colloquium

  • Introduction

    The Department of Architecture of Delft Technical University organizes peer review colloquia for their (PhD-)researchers. Every edition three to four external scholars are called in to discuss the work presented by four to six researchers. The purpose is to create a ‘crit’ situation, that is external reviewers will reflect upon the work presented, not grade it. Stimulating both internal discourse as external exchange is the driving idea. 

    As a regular, one of the invited peers will give a public lunch lecture. Driven by the wish for mutual exchange, the presenting peer is invited to give insight in the practice of one of his/her current research projects. What methods are used? How does the research evolve; the misfortunes and successes. 

    Registration for non-residents
    The lecture -and to a certain extend the presentations- are open to those interested from outside the university. For registration (-fee) and information, you are welcome to contact the organizer of the Peer Review Colloquia, Prof.dr. Avermaete and Schrijver, (research coordinators of the Department of Architecture)


  • Instructions

    Every presentation will be assessed by two peers. This means you’ll be assigned two to three researchers, whose work corresponds best with your field of knowledge. Around three weeks up front, we’ll send you the presentations in hard copy, bundled. The material can either be the chapter that will be presented, or a problem statement (roughly 5 pages).  Next to the researchers you have been assigned to, you are free and welcome to respond on the other presentations as well, being it after they have been assessed by their designated peers. Therefore, you will be supplied with the documentation on all the presentations to be held.
    This reader will be sent to you three weeks before the colloquium.

    A manual can be obtained from Debbie Rietdijk

  • Agenda

    • November 25th

      Peer Review Colloquium #10

  • Archive

    • November 4th, 2010

      Peer Review Colloquium


      The Autumn session of 2010 was held November 4th 2010.
      Presentations were held by Sanja Cvjetko Jerkovic, Esther Gramsbergen,   Birgitte Louise Hansen and Jorge A. Mejía Hernández.  
      You’ll find a short introduction into their subjects here.

      The guest critics were Karel Davids (Professor of Economic and Social History, VU University Amsterdam),  Felipe Hernandez  (Architect and Professor in Architectural Design, History and Theory at the University of Cambridge), Thomas A Markus (Emeritus Professor University of Strathclyde, Scotland) and Marcel Smets (Professor Research Group Urbanity & Architecture (OSA), Department of ASRO, K.U. Leuven)

      The programme toke place in Lecture room C, where Thomas A Markus gave as well the lunch lecture

    • November 25th

      Peer Review Colloquium


      November 25, the next edition of the Peer Review Colloquia is planned for.

      Four PhD-researchers, representing several chairs within the department and one visiting from TU Eindhoven, will present content and process of their research to external peers.


      This time, we have presentations by:

      -Ana Silva Pereira da Luz

      -Loes Veldpaus (TU Eindhoven)

      -Jorge A. Mejía Hernández  

      -Nelson Mota

      Please refer to the attached document for a short introduction into their subjects.


      We are proud to present you a matching line up of invited peers:

      -Prof.dr. Hilde Heynen (Department of Architecture, Urban Design and Regional Planning- KU Leuven)

      -Prof.dr. Josep Montaner (School of Architecture of Barcelona, U.P.C.)  

      -Prof. Dirk Sijmons (Landscape Architecture, TU Delft / founder and owner H+N+S Landscape Architects)


      Location: Berlage 1

      The programme runs roughly from 9:00 hrs till 14:30 hrs.


      You are cordially invited.  Kindly mark the event in your agenda’s.

      The final programme follows shortly. 

    • November 25th, 2011

      FOR DOWNLOAD: Lecture Josep Montaner during the 8th Colloquium

      The Barcelona Model Reviewed: From the Beginning of Democracy to Now

      For those who want to read over again, and those interested who weren't there.

      Here's the lecture Josep Montaner gave. 

    • June 15th

      Peer Review Colloquium


      The Spring session of 2012 is held June 15th 2012.

      Presentations are held by Kim Zweerink, Dubravka Vranić (Berlage Institute), Stefano Milani, Hamed Khosravi (Berlage Institute), Linda Bleijenberg (Leiden University) and Filip Geerts.
      You’ll find a short introduction into their subjects here.

      The guest critics are 

      - Sebastien Marot (architecture school in Marne-la-Vallee and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)

      - Diane Ghirardo (University of Southern California)

      - Sergio Polano (emeritus University IUAV of Venice)

      - Neil Levine (Harvard University)

      The programme takes place in Berlage 1, where Diane Ghirardo gives as well the lunch lecture