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  • Winy Maas

    Winy Maas (1959, Schijndel, The Netherlands) is an architect, urban designer and landscape architect. He is the co-founder of the globally operating firm MVRDV. He is professor and director of The Why Factory, a research institute for the future city he founded in 2008 at the Delft University of Technology. He is a visiting professor at IIT Chicago, the Catholic University of Louvain, and the University of Hong Kong. Previously, he taught at ETH Zurich, the Berlage Institute, MIT, Ohio State and Yale University. He curates exhibitions, lectures throughout the world and has taken part in a multitude of international juries.

    In 2012 he was appointed urban supervisor for the city of Almere and since 2003 he has supervised the Bjørvika urban development plan in Oslo.

    In 2013 Winy Maas joined the Economic Development Board of Rotterdam (EDBR). He is the coauthor of numerous research projects in collaboration with MVRDV and The Why Factory.

  • Javier Arpa

    Javier Arpa (1972, Madrid, Spain) is an architecture and urbanism author, curator, researcher and lecturer. Having completed a Master of Science in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology, Javier specializes in the dissemination of architectural and urban design practice. 

    He is the curator of the exhibitions Paris Habitat and Paysages Habité, and is the author of the monograph Paris Habitat: One Hundred Years of City, One Hundred Years of Life. Javier was Senior Editor for a+t research group, one of Europe's leading publishers in architecture and urban design. He coauthored numerous publications about housing and urbanism. Javier has lectured at numerous Universities, Institutions, and International Workshops.

    Previously, he was lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and Design Critic at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and he worked for a number of architecture firms in Argentina, Spain, and France, and led several urban planning projects in China.

  • Adrien Ravon

    Adrien Ravon (1986, Versailles, France) is an architect operating across the boundaries of different disciplines by combining both theoretical and technical approach. Ravon completed his studies at FADU-UBA and ENSAPM, Paris, where he defended his Master's thesis. In parallel to his academic path in architecture, Ravon has studied programming, multimedia and interactive games.

    After collaborating as an architect with Jakob+MacFarlane in Paris, Ravon joined The Why Factory in 2011 as a teacher and researcher. He has worked on various projects and had a key position in advancing the Future Models course, which provides specific computing support to The Why Factory's work. He co-authored The Why Factory's publication Barba, life in a fully adaptable environment and is now supervising The Why Factory's graduation unit. Adrien has worked with the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam; ETH Zürich; KTH Stockholm, EIT ICT Labs, and the IIT in Chicago.

  • Arend van Waart

  • Amber Leeuwenburgh

  • Andrea Degenhardt

  • Tihamer Salij

    Tihamér Salij is founding director of Space Intelligence Agency (S.I.A.), an unconventional international operating research & design office based in Rotterdam, specialized in making city futures, architecture, design, education and storytelling. S.I.A. is both an experimental and practical studio where different disciplines, such as architecture, urban planning, philosophy, design and art meet.

    Tihamér has experience and expertise in developing systematic (cross-disciplinary) design and research methodologies, scenario making, parametric modeling and performance-oriented design. He has worked at the architecture firm MVRDV on projects including The Region Maker, 3D City, Rhine Ruhr City and Pig City. He co-curated the exhibition Rhine Ruhr City in Düsseldorf and co-edited the publication KM3 – Excursions on Capacity.

    Tihamér has been teaching at various universities worldwide, including the Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Design Institute, the China Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, ENSAV in Paris, the Berlage and Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He teaches regularly at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft and has written numerous articles and published books for a wide range of topics. As coordinator of the Future Cities Research Program and the Future Cities Publication Series Tihamér has been affiliated to The Why Factory from September 2007 till March 2015.

  • Felix Mandrazo

    Principal IND [Inter.National.Design], Founder Supersudaca, Lecturer-Researcher The Why Factory. Architect by La Salle University. Master of Architecture from The Berlage Institute.

    He is a co-founder of Supersudaca, a collective dispersed in several countries doing research on contemporary themes. He was fellow of the Kulturstiftung and The Caracas Urban Think Tank researching the informal city. He later joined  OMA/AMO & Rem Koolhaas  as  project architect, researcher and editor for several projects. With Arman Akdogan opens IND [Inter.National.Design], an international practice of architecture and urbanism that recently won the international competition to make an Antenna Tower in Canakkale.

    Since 2008 he is a lecturer and researcher at The Why Factory. He has been Co-director of studio at Strelka Institute in Moscow, guest lecturer at Universite Catoloique de Louvain, tutor at the Berlage Institute and  at IIT Illinois Institute of Technology. He has published several articles and is author of the book City Shocks by Nai010 Press and upcoming book Copy Paste.

  • Alexander Sverdlov

  • Martine Vledder

  • Diana Ibanez Lopez

  • Rachel Julia Engler

  • Bastiaan de Wolff, BENG

  • Marcel Witvoet, NAI010