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  • Chair of The Why Factory - ABSOLUTE LEISURE

    It is estimated that leisure activities currently account for 35 per cent of our personal consumption expenditures, and up to 9 per cent of our GDP. In the upcoming world of flexible work hours, discount flights to all corners of the earth, and the ability to download any sort of movie, television show or song ever recorded, we have become a society of „leisure aficionados“ and pleasure connoisseurs. We can take away any ethnic dish imaginable, we can shop for everything we have ever wanted, we can custom design the vacation of our dreams – we can order fun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But while we are out having fun, who is monitoring the reserves?

    From all inclusive resort to the allotment garden, from the caravan to the coffee corner, from the i-phone to the wooden deck, this book guides the reader through endless possibilities of having fun today. The journey through leisure scales comes with a measure of how large, actually, leisure is today in space, time and money.
    While closing in on the world of fun, the book ultimately poses a question of the limits of leisure. How much more fun could our world contain?

    T?F, Maas W. & Sverdlov A., Absolute Leisure:The World of Fun, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers, 2016


  • Chair of The Why Factory - BARBA

    Is the end of brick and mortar near? How could nanotechnology change buildings and cities in the future? A speculation of The Why Factory on this topic is illustrated in the best tradition of science fiction in the newly published book Barba. Life in the Fully Adaptable Environment. It forms the point of departure for a series of interactive experiments, installations and proposals towards the development of new, body-based and fully adaptive architectures. A beautiful existential story comes alive. A story closer to us then you’d ever have thought. Imagine a new substance that could be steered and altered in real time. Imagine creating a flexible material that could change its shape, that could shrink and expand, that could do almost anything. The Why Factory calls this fictional material Barba.



    T?F, Maas W., Hackauf U., Ravon A. and Healy P., Barba: Life in the Fully Adaptable Environment , Rotterdam: NAI Publishers, 2015


Selected Publications

  • Chair of The Why Factory

    • 2014

    • T?F, Maas W. & Salij T., We Want World Wonders: Building Architectural Myths, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • 2013

    • T?F, Maas W. & Mandrazo F., City Shock: Planning the Unexpected, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • 2012

    • MVRDV & T?F, The Vertical Village: Individual, Informal, Intense, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • 2010

    • T?F, Salij T. H. , Hong Kong Fantasies: A Visual Expedition into the Future of a World-Class City, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • Maas W., Feireiss K., Ovink H., Bouman O., Vanstiphout W., Riedijk M., Van Rijs J. & De Vries N., The Why Factor(y) and the Future City, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • Maas W., MVRDV & T?F, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui #378 >>
    • T?F, Maas W., Hackauf U., Haikola P., Green Dream: How Future Cities Can Outsmart Nature?, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers >>
    • 2009

    • T?F, Maas W., Sverdlov A., Salij T. H., Hackauf U., Suryawinata D., Madrazo F., Joung Y. K., Visionary Cities, NAi Publishers, 2009