Methods and Analysis

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Studio Ways of Doing


Architecture is facing rapid changes – not just formally and visually, but also culturally, socially and ecologically. Facing these changes, the field of architecture needs to develop new approaches of analysis and design, new forms of process thinking. The Master 1 of Methods and Analysis offers an encounter with a wide range of contemporary and historical approaches to analyse and intervene in changing urban and territorial conditions and provides the opportunity to develop innovative methods and tools for research and design. The studio does so by constantly shifting to different methods, in order to look at a particular site and research question from various perspectives.




Ways of Doing, Spring 2018

During the 2018 spring semester the design studio Ways of Doing will focus on the Binckhorst in The Hague. The original car-, construction-, and graphic industries left this former industrial area. Their buildings now are occupied by small scale creative industries. In-between these buildings, many big vacant empty plots are waiting for development. On the one hand, the Binckhorst is isolated because of its infrastructural boundaries: highway, train and water; on the other hand, geographically, the Binckhorst is very close to The Hague city centre. The development of the Binckhorst is to be characterized as a (long term) process in which municipality, entrepreneurs, inhabitants and developers act as a network, rather than via a fixed top down plan. In this studio, students will have the opportunity to investigate new tools and methods of analysis and design for de Binckhorst area in close relationship with people who are actually working in or onsite.