Methods and Analysis




      The chair of Methods & Analysis takes clear a position in contemporary architectural culture, research and education:

       it reclaims architecture as a rich, diversified and complex field of design knowledge and spatial intelligence.


Though this positioning might seem self-evident, it is intended to counter a series of recent developments.  In the past decades our understanding of architecture has increasingly been influenced by perspectives from cultural studies, philosophy, media and literary sciences -relating architecture in sophisticated ways to its social, economic, political and cultural contexts. In spite of the large value of these different investigations, they often have gone no further than ‘macro-theorizing’. Much of these studies do not engage with the concrete formal, spatial and material characteristics of architectural projects, nor with the specificities of the architectural design approaches and methods that engender them.

Against this background the Chair of Methods and Analysis regards as its primary task to establish a critical knowledge base. At the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft exists a firm and internationally recognized research tradition that focuses on the construction of a memory of design knowledge. The chair is developing and expanding this research program on design attitudes, methods and instruments of the recent past and the immediate future. It is the ambition of the chair to contribute to this knowledge-base in the academic context of the TU Delft, as well to influence the professional debates and practice in the Netherlands and beyond.     


On this website you will see a general overview from the work at the faculty Architecture and the Built Environment. The chair is involved in several other projects. Below you will find a short list of interesting links. 






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The Shopping Centre, 1943-2013