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  • Elsbeth Ronner

    Elsbeth Ronner graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. She is head of the architecture office Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk in collaboration with Lilith van Assem. Their work concentrates on narrative architecture for public space and housing. Besides that, Ronner writes for different media about architecture. For this she took a masterclass Design Writing at the School for Visual Arts in New York. 

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  • Philippe Vierin

    Philippe Viérin studeerde af aan de Universiteit Gent in 1992 en werkte bij Stéphane Beel in Brugge en KCAP in Rotterdam. Naast partner bij noAarchitecten, runt hij ook Viérin Architecten in Brugge.

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  • Sam de Vocht

    Sam De Vocht has been actively involved in architectural projects at the Ghent based studio Marie-José Van Hee architecten for over a decade. In 2008, he founded SAMENWERK, a cooperative platform that inspires involved parties to create habitats for life and work while growing as a social being. He studied architecture at LUCA School of Arts and urban design at the University of Michigan from 1999 to 2005, and finished a master in urban environment and sustainability at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña two years later.
    Sam has been invited as a guest critic at various universities in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium and is currently guest teacher at the Technical University of Delft.

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  • Brigitte Hansen

  • Catherine Visser

  • Jan Nauta

  • Benjamin Filbey

  • Anne Dessing

    Anne Dessing (°1985) is an independent architect based in Amsterdam, NL. After graduation at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in 2012, she has been awarded grants from the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation a.o. Her practice, Studio Anne Dessing, is at the cutting edge of art and architecture. The focus is on architecture constituted by drawings, models, installations, exhibitions, interiors and buildings.

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  • Tomas Dirrix

    Tomas Dirrix (°1988) is an architect based in Rotterdam, NL. He graduated with honours as Masters in Architecture from the TUDelft. Previously he studied in Mendrisio, Switzerland and Ahmedabad, India. Besides having worked for multiple offices in the Netherlands, he co-founded Studio Ossidiana as an organisation for the exploration of architecture through material creation. Their projects have been widely published and internationally exhibited. Through his practice, Atelier Tomas Dirrix, aspires to create contemporary spaces and buildings that are sensitive to their context.

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  • Keimpke Zigterman

  • Daan Vulkers

  • prof. ir. Daniel Rosbottom
    Room: 01+oost.700

    Daniel Rosbottom has been the head of the School of Architecture and Landscape at Kingston University in London since 2008, and director of the internationally-oriented firm, DRDH Architects, since 2000. In 2015, DRDH Architects won the prestigious Norwegian Statens Byggeskikkpris or State Architecture Prize with their project Stormen Concert Hall and Library, in Bodø, Norway. Other current work includes a competition winning project for elderly housing and a social centre in Aarschot, Belgium, which will be completed this year. It is a collaboration with renowned Flemish architecture practice de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, who have a long association with the Chair.

    Participant in project: project leader of: AP-1. The Building: Types and Models

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  • Irene Cieraad

    Irene Cieraad is a cultural anthropologist and a senior research leader of Architectural Design / Interiors TU Delft. Her publications represent a wide range of topics: from books and articles on cultural theory, popular culture, and imagery to more recent publications on the anthropology of domestic space, cultural history of the Dutch domestic interior, household technology and consumer culture studies.


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  • ir. Susanne Pietsch


    Susanne Pietsch is trained as an interior architect and architect. She collaborates with different designers and works most frequently with Andreas Müller, architect/architectural historian from Berlin. She has taught at Trier University of Applied Sciences, the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

    Since 2006 she has been engaged in the Department of Interiors, Buildings and Cities as a teacher in the BSc/MSc studios and as coordinator of the BSc6 and Minor programme. She conducted research at the TU Delft and the University of Buenos Aires on self-organised social and cultural institutions and their effect on the urban area, and is currently engaged in an investigation of the architecture of youth centres for the publication ‘Youth centres: the architecture of social formation’.

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  • Mark Pimlott

    Mark Pimlott is an artist, architectural designer and teacher. His work in photography, film, installation, interiors and public art attempts to make the specific characteristics of places visible and available to new uses and understandings.

    Trained both as an architect and visual artist, Pimlott works within and across the disciplines of art and architecture, and uses his interpretations of both to influence permanent interventions within existing places. Public art works include Guinguette, Birmingham (2000); La scala, Aberystwyth (2003); World, London (2002-10). Designs for interiors include Neckinger Mills, London (1988), Red House, London (1999-present) and restuarant Puck/Pip, Den Haag (with Zeinstra van Gelderen architecten 2007). Mark Pimlott is also an educator. He has taught widely since 1986, and frequently lectures and acts as critic at European school of architecture. He is currently assistant professor of Architectural Design (Interior) at Delft University of Technology, where he lectures and teaches. His research concerns public interiors, and in particular, very large and extensive or continuous interiors.

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  • ir. Dirk Somers

    From 1995-1999 Dirk Somers studied architecture in Antwerp and Milan andin 2002 he graduated in Urban and Environmental Planning atKULeuven. In 2001 he set up Huiswerk Architecten together with Erik Wieërs. As a passionate designer and critical coach, he has built a repertoire with Huiswerk Architecten that receives both national and international acclaim. He regularly holds lectures on topics such as tectonics, materialization and urban architecture and often takes part at workshops and juries at universities in Flanders and abroad. Besides his career at Huiswerk Architecten, Dirk Somers is teaching Architectural Design at Delft University of Technology. From September 2011 on he is also teachingas a visiting professor at the faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Dept. Architecture and Urban Planning, UGent. In October 2011, Huiswerk Architecten has ceased to exist and Dirk Somers has set up a new office: Bovenbouw Architectuur.

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  • ir. Mechthild Stuhlmacher


    Mechthild Stuhlmacher was born in Germany, studied music and architecture in Germany and the Netherlands, graduated in 1992 and worked at various offices in the Netherlands and the UK from 1992. In 2001 she founded the office Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten together with Rien Korteknie. In the work of the Rotterdam based office projects for education, (health-)care and private housing play a central role. The office ambitiously works on the issue of sustainability with its different meanings and connotations and has developed a specific expertise in sustainable structural systems and the use of timber. Recently, Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten has established a close working relationship with the Munich based office Hildundk ( Jointly both offices work on educational and healthcare projects in Belgium. For many years, Mechthild has been a member of the editorial team of OASE and the the architecture yearbook of Flanders and is involved in various other publication projects. Since 2010 she has been appointed as member of the Rotterdam committee for 'Welstand' and Monuments and the architect's platform Rotterdam (since 2011). She teaches architectural design at Delft University of Technology and has been regularly invited for lectures and workshops in the Netherlands and abroad.

    Publications link

    Participant in project: AP-1. The Building: Types and Models

  • ir. Leontine de Wit


    Leontine de Wit (1962) is an architect, interior designer and Assistant Professor of Architectural Design /Interiors Delft University of Technology.
    After graduating in 1987 at the faculty of Architecture TU Delft she founded together with Ernst-Jan Hoek her own office Hoek & de Wit Architecten in Delft. Since 1988 she works as a design teacher at the department of Interior and is currently researching the interdisciplinary relations between interior design and industrial design. In 1998 she published a book on School-housing Flexible Designs and in 2007 a book on retail: Boutiques and Other Retail Spaces.
    She is currently assistant professor of The Architecture of the Interior.

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  • ir. Jurjen Zeinstra

    Jurjen Zeinstra (1961) studied at the Faculty of Architecture TU Delft. Together with Mikel van Gelderen he founded Zeinstra van Gelderen architecten. In cooperation with Ira Koers they realized projects like the Tumble House (1998) and housing in Almere (2000) and IJburg (2006) and with Mark Pimlott restaurant Puck Pip in Den Haag (2007). Jurjen Zeinstra works as an acting associate professor of Architectural Design / Interiors TU Delft and has been an editor of both OASE and Forum and lectured at different Academies of Architecture.

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  • ir. Sereh Mandias
    Room: 01.Oost.410

    Coordination MSc3/4

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  • Renske de Meijer
    Room: 01.Oost.410

  • Yamal Daems

  • Hai Xie

  • An Fonteyne

    An Fonteyne graduated from Ghent University in 1994 and gained professional experience working for DKV Architects in Rotterdam and David Chipperfield Architects in London. noAarchitecten was founded by An Fonteyne, Jitse van den Berg and Philippe ViĆ©rin in 1999 and is based in Belgium, both in Brussels and Bruges. Since the start noAarchitecten has been involved in a variety of projects at different scales.
    From early on the practice has had the chance to concentrate on public buildings dealing with complex programmes in historical city centres. It was the sensitivity shown in their buildings that gained them the reputation as a serious partner for complex architectural commissions in difficult, often historical and protected areas.

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  • Floris Cornelisse

    Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven is een breed georiënteerd architectenbureau dat in alle projecten zoekt naar de wisselende relatie tussen het landschap, de stad en haar architectuur. In de overlap van deze schaalgebieden gaat de belangstelling uit naar het werken in complexe stedenbouwkundige locaties en het ontwikkelen van stedelijke en landelijke ensembles.

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  • Gert Somers

    Gert Somers studied architecture at Brussels University. He worked for noA architecten before establishing his own practice in 2004. He taught at Vrije Universiteit Brussels from 2006-2009. ONO architectuur was found in 2007 together with Jonas Lindekens. The office gained its first experience and attention with the building for the community center in Bocholt, and a children’s shoe shop Deruyte in Belsele. The practice is involved in several public buildings including the renovation and extension of the Unesco protected town hall of Diksmuide, the manor Altena in Kontich and Neerhoeve on the cemetery Schoonselhof in Antwerp. Besides these public projects, ONO architectuur is working on several housing developments and single family houses. Scenography has become a part of the office’s work, with the design for the exhibition Ravage in Museum M, Leuven, and the Art Brussels art fair.

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  • Jeffrey Bolhuis

    Jeffrey Bolhuis studied at the TU Delft and UCD Dublin.

    Jeffrey is a founding partner of AP+E, a design and research studio based in Amsterdam and Dublin. The studio is interested in the idea of architecture as a social construct and the dialogue between building, interpretation, habitation and appropriation

    AP+E engages in a wide range of assignments including cultural, educational and residential projects as well as the design and curation of exhibitions. The practice has participated in the Biennales of Venice, Hong Kong and Tallinn and designed the inaugural Irish Pavilion at the Shenzhen Bi City Biennale. Recently AP+E has been appointed as designer for a new exhibition and educational space in the National Museum of Ireland.

    Jeffrey has been invited as guest critic at a number of architecture schools internationally and  AP+E also run a 4th year unit at the Cork Centre for Architectural Education which investigates rural communities in Ireland.

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  • Jules Schoonman

  • Marius Grootveld

    Marius Grootveld is an architect and tutor working mostly in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. He graduated cum laude from the Technical University in Delft where, in his graduation project, building with time, he examined a buildings relation to time. The project was selected for the national Archiprix prize.

    After having worked for several small offices in the Netherlands he is now active as a project architect for Bovenbouw Architectuur in Antwerp. Here he worked on studies for the Flemish government and designed several projects including apartment complexes, an urban development plan and public works such as a university building and a remodelling of Antwerp's city hall.

    Along side these efforts he also founded his own practice, Veldwerk Architecten, in collaboration with Jantje Engels. They have made contributions to several publications and recently completed a publication of their own called Building upon Building. At the moment Veldwerk is working on remodelling a Belgium townhouse and was invited to curate an upcoming exhibition for the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt about a new generation of architects in Flanders & the Netherlands.

    As a teacher Marius has given several lectures on the subject of representation, courts and sequence in various countries. Besides the TU Delft he also teaches a MSC design studio at the Academy in Rotterdam and is employed at the RWTH Aachen where, besides tutoring, he does research on the subject of exterior detailing in interior spaces.

    • Marius
  • Marjolein van Eig

    Architect Marjolein van Eig ontwerpt en schrijft over architectuur. In 2014 startte zij haar eigen BureauVanEig. In dat jaar won ze de Abe Bonnemaprijs voor het project Koepel op de Overplaats in Heemstede. Ook won ze de opdracht voor een nieuw brugwachtershuisje, een icoon, in het centrum van Haarlem.

    Haar werk is herkenbaar: “Ik vind het belangrijk dat je de omgeving waarin je leeft begrijpt. Dat zorgt voor rust en geborgenheid. Daarom werk ik met archetypes, daarmee bouw ik verder op het bestaande. De projecten voegen zich op een subtiele manier in hun context, dat vind ik spannend. Ze vallen op door hun typische vorm, zorgvuldige detaillering en solide materialen.”

    Marjolein van Eig schrijft ook over architectuur, onder anderen  voor Archined en HP/DeTijd.  Ze schreef het boek ‘Koppen’ over kopgevels in de woningbouw in de afgelopen 125 jaar. Voor het vakblad de Architect maakt ze maandelijks een rubriek over het detail, waarin ze schrijft over de grootsheid van schijnbaar kleine dingen.

    • Mveig
  • Merijn Muller

    Merijn Muller studies industrial design and architecture at the Delft Technical University and graduates with a Master of Sciences in Architecture in 2010. During his study he works as a trainee for Kossmann.deJong in Amsterdam and Stephen Taylor Architects in London. As a collaborator of Huiswerk Architects he participated in the design process of the new Hopmarkt in Asse and he was project architect for a house extension in Mortsel. At Bovenbouw Architects he is leading the design of a community school in Berlaar and he is project architect for a city development project in Mechelen.


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  • Sander Laureys

    Sander Laureys studied architecture at the Henry Van de Velde Institute in Antwerp (BE) and graduated in 2007.  Subsequently he obtained a postgraduate degree in Urbanism at the ETH Zürich (CH) in 2008.

    He worked as a projectarchitect for noAarchitecten ( in Brussels from 2008 until 2012, where he was mainly responsible for the new City Campus of the University in Hasselt.  In 2012 he joined Bovenbouw Architectuur ( in Antwerp, where he is mainly involved in the restoration and renovation of 3 historical buildings in Antwerp, and other projects such as the competition design for the Antwerp City Hall, a private house in Brussels, etc.  Since mid 2016 he is also team coördinator in the office, supervising several other projects in the office on a daily basis.

    In parallel Sander established his own practice, working mainly on projects in a historic context with a specific focus on detail, materialization and craftsmanship.

    Since 2011 Sander has been continuously involved as a design studio teacher a the Universiteit Antwerpen, and is invited as guest critic in various universities in Belgium.

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  • Tjeerd Wessel

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