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    The Independent Group

Independent Group Spring 2018

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The Independent Group offers a new way to graduate within the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities. Named after a group of radical, free thinking artists and architects operating in London in the 1960’s, it offers a space for ambitious students to propose an independent project, within the context of the thinking and teaching of the Chair.

These might relate to the Chair’s annual research theme, which for 2017-18 is of the Festive City, or may engage with our graduation studios’ ongoing investigation into the nature of the contemporary public institution. In exceptional circumstances the Chair will support the development of an outstanding proposition, which lies beyond the current scope of study.

The Independent Group allows students to work independently but not alone. As one of its students, you will be mentored alongside your peers within a studio, led by the Professor and staff of the Chair. The structure of the programme is designed to assist you in the development of a holistic project that engages with the full range of scales, from strategy to detail.

We expect projects to have political and cultural relevance, to be socially engaged and to be ambitious in both aims and execution. These concerns will be revealed through and within architecture. We are a Chair that makes buildings, in places, for people.

The Independent Group is offered to a maximum number of 8 graduate students (MSc3) in the spring semester 2018.

If you are interested in joining it please send your project proposal to and enrol in BIS for the Independent Group. The deadline for application is 25 October and the enrolment in BIS takes place from 23-25 October. O&S will then check that applications meet the admission requirements for MSc3. On the basis of both the information by O&S and the applications we will invite a selection of students to discuss their proposals with staff from the Chair in the week of 30 October. Students for whom the Independent Group does not seem a suitable route will be informed prior to the start of the pre-enrolment period for the regular graduation studios.

In no more than 1000 words, plus images, you should develop a concrete proposal, which should address the following questions in a concise way:

  1. What do you intend to do and why it is relevant or of particular interest to you?
  2. Why is the independent Group, as part of the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities, a suitable environment in which to develop your proposal and how does your propose relate to the themes of the Chair?
  3. What sources of knowledge, experience, or expertise would you imagine drawing upon to ensure that your final project is convincing and relevant?
  4. Where will your project be situated and why?
  5. What do you envisage the architectural outcome to be?

For more information on the position of the Chair and the annual research theme ‘The Festive City’ look here.