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Non-standard Buildings

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Hyperbody’s MSc 1 studio challenges conventional design processes in order to creatively develop parametric systemic approaches able to address the spatial needs and demands of today’s society. The studio focuses on the design of small to middle large architectural inserts (in the form of exhibition pavilions, interaction or transport hubs, etc.) within existing urban conditions. The focus is on developing cutting-edge, technology driven, performative and sustainable design solutions. The performance aspect is geared in this case towards creatively investigating the intricate linkage between subjective and objective aspects using computational “abstract machines” in order to derive a systemic understanding of architectural design.
Course Contents    
Hyperbody tutors with their extensive background in cutting edge design approaches and computational techniques is guiding students towards gaining profound insight into digital design and manufacturing processes and help them understand the manner in which performance driven design solutions can be attained via an integral design process. Besides this, the studio is also supported by external lectures and workshops that allow students to not only debate and understand cutting-edge research and design in Complex geometry based Non-standard and Interactive Architecture but also develop
computational skills for 3D modelling, Parametric design, Scripting, Environmental analysis and Simulation. As a vital part of the studio, students engage in the fabrication of scaled and 1:1 prototypes using computer aided manufacturing techniques such as CNC-cutting and -milling and Roboticfabrication