History of Architecture and Urban Planning


  • Van Lohuizen and Van Eesteren

    Partners in Planning and Education at TH Delft

    This small booklet contains the inaugural speeches of Th. K. van Lohuizen and Cor van Eesteren on their appointments as professors at the Technical College of Delft. The texts provide novel insights into their respective teaching programs, and appear here for the first time in English. An analytical reflection on their work by the architectural historian Herman van Bergeijk introduces them.

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  • International Planning History Society - 2016

    History – Urbanism – Resilience

    Over many centuries, cities around the world have demonstrated an astounding resilience as they have prepared for, responded to and recovered from natural and man-made disasters. In view of current challenges from earthquakes and tsunamis, from climate change and sea level rise, from migration and demographic transformation to war and terrorism, this conference invites papers that engage with the theme of resilience and the diverse tangible and intangible structures that support it.

    From 17-21 July, our faculty will welcome some 500 planning historians from almost 50 countries during the 17th IPHS conference. For more info see http://iphs2016.org/

  • Chairs/Tables/Lamps/Sets

    Final Exhibition

    The Faculty of Architecture has a fabulous and extensive collection of chairs. To get them out of their shelves and into education, the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning went looking for partners within design education, and found them in the Chairs of Form & Modelling Studies and of Architecture of the Interior.
    During the past semester three design courses challenged students to start a dialogue with a chair, and design a lamp, table or set inspired by it. This initiative aimed at promoting design through collections  led to remarkable results. Come and see for yourself, the resulting exhibition in the Modelling Hall opens Feb. 18th, 15:30.

  • Planning History Workshop

  • New MSc 2 Studio: Architecture and Urbanism Beyond Oil

    The course teaches students to become aware of the wide-ranging impact that petroleum has had on the physical landscape of our cities and on our lifestyles and mindsets. It argues that attempts at creating a more sustainable architecture and urbanism need to acknowledge and understand these patterns to overcome them. Building on existing research on oil and Rotterdam that is developed into an augmented reality tool, students will do a close analysis of specific sites and propose design solutions for Rotterdam after oil. Among the design options will be a redesign of the site of the oil refinery in Pernis. Working in groups with students from different disciplinary backgrounds (architecture, urbanism, real estate and housing, heritage, history, media) will experiment design conditions as they exist outside the university and will produce a collective final project.

  • Atlas op tournee in Nederland

    Architectuur Lokaal organiseert samen met de Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed en lokale architectuurcentra een reeks bijeenkomsten in combinatie met een reizende tentoonstelling onder de titel Atlas op tournee. Stedelijke opgaven in Delft, Almere, Lelystad, Amersfoort, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Hengelo en Utrecht worden onder de loep genomen door vertegenwoordigers van gemeenten en erfgoedorganisaties, stedenbouwkundigen en architecten. Veel gemeenten hebben te maken met stagnatie en krimp; andere groeien wel, maar kunnen niet meer uitbreiden. Zij kijken naar mogelijkheden voor inbreidings- en transformatielocaties. Hoe gaan de gemeenten om met deze opgaven? De tournee volgt op de publicatie Atlas van de verstedelijking in Nederland. De auteurs Jaap Evert Abrahamse en Reinout Rutte gaan mee op tournee.
  • Planning History Workshop

    From June 11th to 13th TU Delft will host a workshop on Planning History with speakers from around the world. Students in the history thesis workshop will be able to help prepare the event. Please contact Carola Hein for more information: c.m.hein@tudelft.nl

  • International Planning History Society (IPHS) conference 2016

  • Pakhuis de Zwijger: Atlas van de verstedelijking in Nederland

    1000 jaar ruimtelijke ontwikkeling

    Nederland is een stedenland. In de loop van tien eeuwen ontstond een dicht patroon van kleine, grote, oude en nieuwe steden. Hoe is dat patroon ontstaan en hoe heeft het zich ontwikkeld? En waarom zien onze steden eruit zoals ze eruitzien? Jaap Evert Abrahamse en Reinout Rutte brengen met de Atlas van de Verstedelijking duizend jaar stedenbouw in Nederland samenhangend in beeld. Aan de hand van foto’s, schilderijen en nieuw getekende kaartreeksen worden groei en krimp van de Nederlandse steden inzichtelijk gemaakt. Actuele thema’s als herbestemming, wederopbouw en de ontwikkeling van binnensteden en stadsranden krijgen speciale aandacht.

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