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Santos Warehouse Amsterdam

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Santos Warehouse has been build between 1901 and 1903 for storage of Brazilian coffee next to the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. The building was a design by the architects J.J. Kanters and J.P. Stok. For a long time it has been the highest warehouse of Rotterdam. With the iron steel structure, wooden foors and brickwork façades the Santos building was listed as a national monument in 2000. The harbour activities left the Rijnhaven. The centre of Rotterdam developed more to the south bank of the river and Katendrecht redeveloped into a modern neighbourhood. Santos is vacant for a long time. To ft the Santos warehouse in the new urban situation, in the current time is the goal for this design project. By using the urban context, the existing architecture and building structure and making it an important building for Katendrecht and even Rotterdam again.

The two MSc1 design projects are concerning different urban contexts, different buildings and different functions therefor different questions will be asked and different research will be involved. The study goal is, how by research and design you can use the building characteristics and qualities in a new situation for the future. How you can make an existing building usable and appropriate for the future.