Heritage & Architecture

“Heritage & Design is a dynamic and innovative feld of architecture that deals with the architectural re-interpretation, adaptive re-use and restoration of historic buildings. In this professional feld the starting point for design is not just a functional brief and a blank sheet of paper but the challenge of an existing spatial setting and cultural-historical context.”

     - Prof. Wessel de Jonge (Interview B-Nieuws, nr 06, 2015-2016)

Transformation of cities and buildings is one of the main themes in architecture today. An appropriate balance between the old and the new is a fundamental interest for contemporary design in architecture. Heritage & Architecture (formerly RMIT) is concerned with preservation and renewal in existing architecture. The research by design concentrates on the architectural and technical aspects involved in the growing need for the conservation and transformation of buildings, including those of cultural significance.

Focus and approach

Heritage & Architecture defines research and design on all levels of scale: the use of materials and technology, the reuse and redesign of a building or a building complex, and the development of landscape and urban structure. For all scale levels the value of the entire context is taken into account, which is of vital importance to address the challenges and face the responsibilities of working on existing built structures. Particular attention is paid to values regarding architecture, urbanism, construction and interior, related to architectural history and current questions on sustainability.