Form & Modelling studies

  • Ir. Jack Breen
    +31 15 27 87113
    Room: Form Studies - South Atrium

    Jack Breen is associate professor and head of the Form Studies group at the Delft faculty of Architecture.
    After graduating cum laude at the Delft Faculty of Architecture in 1980 he has worked extensively in practice (including the office of Breen & Breen architects in Delft, The Netherlands) before becoming a Form Studies lecturer and researcher.
    He has published contributions in various journals, conference proceedings and books (notably: the education-based series De Tafel, De Bank, De Brug and De Wand, with Form Studies colleague Bernard Olsthoorn) and is coordinator of the BSC5 Minor application House of the Future (Form & Modelling Studies, in collaboration with Architecture / Dwellings). 

    Participant in project: F-1. Revisions: Changing Ideals and Shifting Realities, F-2. The Discipline of Architecture and its Instruments

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  • Dr. ir. Martijn Stellingwerff
    +31 15 27 84683
    Room: Form Studies - South Atrium

    Martijn Stellingwerff graduated with honourable mention at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, in 1993. He is assistant professor at the Form & Modelling Studies group at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture. From 2001 till 2004 he was also researcher at the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Sint-Lucas Architecture in Brussels. At that time he was involved in several EU and locally funded projects: PICT, DYNAMO, AVOCAAD, {ACCOLADE}, USO BUILT. Martijn organised three conferences and participated in several books. He is active in the review committees of the EAEA, Knowing (by) Designing and eCAADe conferences. In 2005, he successfully defended his PhD dissertation on Virtual Context (pdf 6.1Mb). An overview of some of his publications can be found in METISthe Delft Library Repository and in CUMINCAD.

    Currently Martijn is coordinating the minor on ‘Advanced Prototyping’ in collaboration with the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. He also teaches in the Masters elective course ‘Ornamatics’. Together with his colleagues he established and manages the CAMlab as part of the Modelling Techniques workshop

    In 2016, Martijn Stellingwerff developed a successful MOOC with the title IMAGE | ABILITY visualizing-the-unimaginable and in 2017 he will develop a second MOOC on Physical and Digital Models in Architecture.  

    He is also Research coordinator for the Explorelab.

    Participant in project: F-2. The Discipline of Architecture and its Instruments

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  • Peter Koorstra
    +31 15 27 84683
    Room: Form Studies - South Atrium

    Peter Koorstra graduated cum laude at the Academy for Industial Design in Eindhoven in 1981. Since then, he has worked as a designer and as an artist, joining the office of the Dutch Government Architect as an advisor from 1987 until 1992. He has worked for several governmental institutes and municipalities in the Netherlands as advisor in arts. In 1998 he founded Cucinacosta, a design office for furniture and kitchen design. He is assistant professor at the Form & Modelling Studies Group. He is Head of Modelling Studies and responsible for Drawing Studies at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft.

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  • Ir. Robert Nottrot
    +31 15 27 88768
    Room: Form Studies - South Atrium

    Robert Nottrot graduated cum laude under the supervision of Aldo van Eyck, 1980. Next to being an architect he also works as a video artist and stage set designer.
    After graduation Robert Nottrot worked for two years in Berlin, and for the office of Kraaijvanger.Urbis, after which he founded his own studio PORT-SAID. Initially a guest teacher with the chair of Architecture Design and Interiors he becomes a staff member with the chair of Architecture and Dwelling. He teaches at the Explore Lab, as well as with the section of Form and Media Studies. Robert Nottrot is also a curator of the so-called ‘Schatkamer’, the Delft Architecture Collections & Exhibitions department run by Max Risselada. He compiled a book publication on the idea of the model in architecture, to be published in 2009.

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  • Jeroen van de Laar
    +31 15 27 84927
    Room: Form Studies - South Atrium

    Jeroen van de Laar graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts in s'-Hertogenbosch in 1975. Subsequently he created a long list of exhibitions and architecture-related work for central government, institutions, municipalities and private persons. In 1990 he was invited as staff member into the Formstudies group and since then he teaches in Bachelor en Master courses for 0.7 fte. 

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  • Ir. Geert Coumans
    Room: South Atrium

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  • Ir. Remko Siemerink
    Room: South Atrium

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  • Doortje Berghahn

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  • Rina Moesbergen
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  • Frank Krowinkel
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  • Ir. Bas Vahl
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  • Arjen Muijser

  • Bob de Boer

  • Rein Have
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