Architectural design - Dwelling

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Research of the Chair of Architecture & Dwelling



The chair aims to investigate the architecture of dwelling against the background of changing lifestyles and new technologies, which make up our everyday environment. Topical issues which are addressed in both our research and education programmes are the creation of diversity by the mixing of functions, research into high density schemes, sustainability in relation to spatial configurations, the rethinking of the quality of our suburbs and the interrelations between the private realm of dwelling and the public spaces of the city. The study of historical precedents forms a natural component of our research work, since we assume that most questions of today and tomorrow originate from the long processes of modernization, to which our cities and society have been subjected. Together with contemporary practices, the historical production thus represents a vast body of knowledge for the architecture discipline. Parallel discourse analysis allows us to trace the development of concepts and ideas involved and how these have been and are still interacting with the material practices of architectural design.


The research of the chair is part of the new programme of the department of Architecture, The Architecture Project and its Foundations. Our research is largely based on both historical-theoretical studies and comparative design analysis. The chair participates in three of the department's sub-programmes: 'The Building: Types and Models', 'Revisions: Changing Ideals and Shifting Realities' and 'The Discipline of Architecture and its Instruments'. The chair of Architecture and Dwelling has launched a new platform for its research, the biannual Delft Architectural Studies on Housing (DASH), published by NAi Publishers.

Next to this, the chair is involved in research assigned by and in collaboration with third parties, so-called 'derdegeldstroom onderzoek'. Two projects concern the manifestation 'Intense Laagbouw' (Intense Low-rise) in collaboration with the city of Groningen, and 'Zakboek voor Parkeren' (Pocketbook for Parking), a guide and toolbox for designers focused on the special problems regarding parking, housing and the design of public spaces, compiled for the STAWON, the research foundation of the BNA, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects.