Architectural design - Dwelling


The Chair of Architecture & Dwelling has established two fields of research: the issue of Dutch housing design in the near future, and the issue of affordable housing in newly evolving economies worldwide. Both of these fields of research are addressed in our design studios: the Dutch Housing Studio and the Global Housing Studio.

In the Dutch Housing Studio, students will engage in design assignments that are representative of a new phase in Dutch residential architecture, which is characterized by inner city interventions and transformations, and a more direct relationship between client(s) and architect. The studio will deal with the complexity of the urban condition on different scales.

The Global Housing Studio addresses the pressing problem of providing decent, affordable housing in the Global South, regions where rapid economic growth goes hand in hand with a sharp increase in the urban population and the emergence of a new middle class.

Recurring themes in both the studios are the complexity of the urban condition on different scales and the relationship of the living environment in general and the individual dwelling in particular. While the Dutch variant investigates the architecture of dwelling against the background of changing lifestyles and new technologies, the Global variant focusses on different layers of collectiveness and on local conditions and their impact on design proposals.

Both topics (Dutch Housing and Global Housing) are offered in our MSc 1/2 program as well as in our MSc 3/4 program. Other components of our curriculum are seminars geared towards plan analysis and architectural theory.

What you will learn
Topical issues which are addressed in our research and our educational programmes include the facilitation of diversity as a result of mixed-use designs; high density building schemes; sustainability in relation to spatial configurations; and the interrelations between the private realm of the dwelling and the public spaces of the city. Within our Master studios and courses, student work is geared toward the development of new spatial configurations and sustainable typologies as well as attractive and imaginative architectural designs suited to 21st century living.

Once you have graduated
The design studios and complementary courses that the Chair of Architecture and Dwelling offers, represent the major themes that architects of residential schemes will have to deal with, whether they are working in the Netherlands or worldwide. We believe we offer an invaluable educational experience, both to students who will go on to work in the Netherlands and to those who will set their sights on working in a more global context.