Architecture Theory

  • Chair of Architecture Theory - De-/signing the Urban: Techno-genesis and the Urban Image

    De-/signing the Urban: Techno-genesis and the Urban Image
    Editors: Gerhard Bruyns and Patrick Healy, 010 Publishers, 2006
    Delft School of Design Series on Architecture and Urbanism

    This book represents the fruits of a year-long forum held at the Delft School of Design (DSD), a laboratory for research and experimentation in architecture, urbanism and technologies of construction at the TU Delft. The papers in this collection are by renowned visiting scholars, faculty members, and doctoral candidates who contributed to workshops, seminars and lectures given within a guiding framework entitled 'forms and relations'. They address issues which have come to increasingly shift our understanding of architecture and urbanism. Their authors offer insight on urban processes and the aesthetic challenge for contemporary design in relation to image, technology and life sciences.

    In many of these contributions case studies link arms with debates on critique and praxis. Topics include the structure of the network city in terms of temporal manipulations; new frameworks for understanding the ecologies of urban communities as exemplified in a case study on Istanbul; the virtual emergence and resilience of contemporary urban place in the context of Beijing; the practice of the 'production of space' detailed with a study of Nowa Huta, Poland, a post-Communist city; a phenomenological account of habitat and the urban body presented in relation to Bogotá; and new approaches to the mapping and diagramming of cities developed from various perspectives. Several essays put into question principal arguments regarding the forms of material things and examine how the philosophies of forms have shaped aesthetic theory and scientific understanding within the disciplines of architecture and urbanism.

    Contributions include papers by DSD faculty and researchers, as well as international scholars such as Karsten Harries, M. Christine Boyer and Viktor Kittlausz.