Architecture Theory

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Advanced Architectural Theory Research Seminar: Ecologies of Architecture IV: Chaosophy

The Theory Section (formerly DSD) of the Architecture Department is offering a doctoral seminar, entitled ‘Advanced Architecture Theory Research Seminars’, to PhD candidates and advanced researchers affiliated with the Graduate School whose research topics relate to architectural and urban theory, philosophy, and contemporary concerns of spatial, social, cultural and scientific relevance to the disciplines of design. The course is framed within a fortnightly seminar structure in which participants will engage in guided readings and group-discussions on the thematic of each individual session. Ultimately the aim is to generate an intense research environment in which all participants will not only gain knowledge on a specific topic, but will also develop a set of useful methodological and research skills. The course was launched in Spring 2014 with the pilot seminar ‘Ecologies of Architecture’ [æ] under the guidance of Andrej Radman. æ2 in 2015 dealt with the Affective Turn (A. Radman and S. Kousoulas) and æ3explored the concept of Futurity (A. Radman and S. Kousoulas). æ4 will be devoted to the concept of Chaosophy.


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