Architecture Theory

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Designing Care Studio

Collaborative MSc2 Design & Research Studio

DESIGNING CARE entails much more than simply ‘good’ hospital
design. It involves a broad spectrum of interacting disciplines
and forms of knowledge that together compose a cartography
extending from philosophies of the body, the history and theory
of health-care, to architecture and the built environment.

In this NEW RESEARCH & DESIGN studio, participants will engage
the concept of CARE from a variety of theoretical, historical
and practical angles, develop cutting-edge research-driven
analytical and synthetic modeling and design methodologies,
propose innovative architectural and urban interventions, and
enter into a meaningful reflection of the processes posed by their
investigations and design.

If you are interested in HEALTH & CARE, two of the leading
concerns in today’s society, this course offers you the opportunity
to develop solid research (Theory / History Thesis) and cutting
edge modeling methodologies (Form & Modelling Studies) as the
basis for your design project (Architecture). The best projects will
be selected for a special public exhibition and included in the
Reflection Catalogue publication.

DESIGNING CARE is the only truly transversal MSc2 studio in the
Faculty, uniting four sections of the Department of Architecture:
Theory, History, Form & Modelling Studies, and Architecture for
the first time. It is open to students of Architecture (MSc2) and
Urbanism (MSc2 - elective Q4) interested in a comprehensive
cross-course program that links the Theory/History Thesis
(Scriptie) to their MSc2 Studio.

Be part of this NEW COLLABORATION and participate in rethinking
today’s challenges of HEALTH & CARE!