Architecture Theory

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Architecture Theory Thesis

The Architecture Theory Thesis is an independent essay assignment that meets MSc 2 requirements. We believe that it is important for any student with a MSc degree in Architecture to understand the theoretical history of a culture, a society in which their own contribution to architecture, both as a practice and a discourse, will inevitably be situated.

Students producing an Architecture Theory Essay must have a specific interest in delving into the history of the thought models and intellectual conditions that underpin the emergence of concepts and ideas within a field of cultural production. In terms of architecture, this field can include such things as, art, science, technology and philosophy, as well as politics, economics and geography. Please note: Entry to the course requires submission of an abstract prior to the beginning of the semester, enrolled students will be notified by this.

The MSc 2 Architecture Theory Essay offers two general areas of research:

1. Architecture and political economy:

Dealing primarily with research on the intersection of forces that shape the contemporary city. Leading themes in this rubric deal with critical urban theories, human geography, socio-spatial inquiries, as well as politico-economic factors.

2. Architecture and libidinal economy:

Dealing primarily with issues related to matter and image, and the means and techniques of production in architecture. Leading themes in this rubric deal with the material and immaterial processes and productions of things and images and their relation to experience, perception and cognition.