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MSc 1 Design Studio

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Constructed Memories                                                        Genoa - Strasbourg - Yerevan (Fall 2017)


The Architecture & Public Building MSc. 1 studio explores architecture as “constructed memories” in urban configurations toward innovative, experimental architectural design.

The studio consists of 3 city-groups with 3 different approaches and trajectories. Each group in its respective city focuses on uncovering invisible dimensions beyond the ordinary with special attention to the contemporary position of architecture as the primary form-giver of memory and culture.

The constructed memories architecture embodies do not remain singular, static and coherent, but respond to the changing ideals and needs at hand. In the process, certain memories endure the tests of time and events, remain conscious, and influence subsequent generations. Others become anonymous and disappear from consciousness.

The studio focuses on architectural and urban sites of “other” spatial conditions that have been overlooked within the contemporary architectural discourse. In the exploration of “otherness,” the studio investigates what characterizes contemporary architecture and urban conditions with special emphasis on the city as culture. 

The studio adopts a broad perspective of “architectural design” in a collaborative teaching framework that emphasizes process-oriented design. This approach underscores the importance of projecting design process into tectonic, spatial and semiotic constructs. We regard such an approach crucial to the development of an architectural work today.

The cities for the studio groups will be announced shortly before the enrollment period starts. Each enrolled student will be free to choose the city-group of his/her preference.


The A-PB's MSc. 1 studio aims to:

> Reflect upon the role, the capacity and the characteristics of a public building. Contemporary conditions provoke a loss of central coherence of the city towards a development in clusters. This condition influences strongly the character of the public building and simultaneously  affects the relation of public buildings to the scale and the identity of the contemporary city.

> Investigate the instruments and tools that architects have available to work within a cultural context that is not their own. With growing internationalization of architectural practice, architects are increasingly working in non-familiar cities and territories; they are working in conditions of displacement. Nevertheless they are asked to offer accurate design solutions that comply with specific cultural conditions.

> Elaborate on the demands of the program. The coexistence of different layers within the public realm requires a reframing of the conventional approaches.


Theory Seminars (for all A-PB MSc. 1 students)

Architectural Studies - Projects and Theories (AR1AP030, 3 ECTS)

Architectural Reflections - Reading Architectural Writings (AR1AP040, 3 ECTS)

Lectures on Architectural Design  (AR1A060, 3 ECTS)


Curators: Alper Semih Alkan, Filip Geerts, and Marc Schoonderbeek




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